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The Museum’s extensive outreach includes theatre, performance, public lectures and film as well as programmes in collaboration with other organizations.

What’s On

Mumbai Local with Junoon

At the Education Centre in the Museum Plaza

Get involved in this interactive session where artists and scientists share their stories with the public.

Sunday, Nov 12, 2017

“That which pleases” in a raga
5:00 pm

How can one enjoy Hindustani classical music? Does it require years of exposure and knowledge? Or are there entry points from our every day experiences that might help us?

Classical music in India is often wrapped in a mystique that keeps the uninitiated away. While some would argue that the music itself is highly complex and requires knowledge to enjoy, there are a number of people who would argue that the music can be enjoyed by everyone. They would say that all that people need is an entry point, a way to get beyond the cultural mystique and step into the enormously enriching experience of classical music.

We are delighted to invite Dhanashree Pandit-Rai - acclaimed Thumri singer - to Mumbai Local. Dhanashree is one of those who believes strongly that classical music is for all, and in addition to being a wonderful singer, she strives to open up this world for everyone. In this Mumbai Local, she will take us on a journey through raags, showing us how they work, the ways they

take from and connect to our lived experience of the world, and how they might, in fact, actually be all around us - we only need to know how to recognise them.

Look forward to an evening of music and magic, where the world of classical music opens out for us in ways we have perhaps not imagined.

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Venue: Education Centre
Entry free with Museum ticket


About the Speaker

Dhanashree holds a Masters Degree in Indian Classical music from Mumbai University and has established a prominent place on the classical music stage, her speciality being the "Thumri" or semi-classical genre of music. She is committed to giving thumri its rightful place on the concert stage. She has been a Disciple of Pandit Firoz Dastur, stalwart of the Kirana Gharana and Shobha Gurtu the renowned Thumri legend.

Besides concerts in India and abroad, Dhanashree has been conducting lecture demonstrations and workshops on the Appreciation of Hindustani music and has also designed several modules and thematic concerts on various aspects of Indian Classical and semi classical music. Her talk at the TEDx conference in 2010 on "The essence of Indian music"was widely acclaimed. She has also collaborated with world renowned Jazz artistes on crossovers and fusion music and recorded several albums with them.

Dhanashree was awarded the "Pillars of Hindustani Society" award for 2007-2008 by the Trans Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as also the "Women Achievers Award" by the Indo American Society, Mumbai (March 2017) for her outstanding contribution to Vocal Hindustani Classical Music.

About Junoon

The Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum is glad to partner with Junoon, co-founded by Sanjana Kapoor and Sameera Iyengar, to present Mumbai Local - a community arts initiative. Mumbai Local dream is to build generous and inclusive communities of people across Mumbai by embedding the arts into our collective neighbourhood experience.

Live Music

With the Natural Streets for the Performing Arts (NSPA)

Visitors can be a part of this exciting outdoor experience. NSPA performances are held at the Museum Plaza through the year on the third Sunday of every month.

Sunday, Nov 05, 2017

Uttarakhandi Folk
Mountone Saaz 3
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Western Pop
Royston Pereira
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Sunday, Nov 19, 2017

Uttarakhandi Folk
Mountone Saaz 3
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Indie Covers
Saket Singh Sisodia & Tanmay Chaudhari
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


The Natural Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA) is a non-profit initiative to revive a culture of public performances and support the livelihoods of artists. Launched in October 2012, NSPA hosts musical performances for a total of 37 hours every week across 6 major railway stations on the Western and Central Rail Networks, and the Horniman Circle Gardens at Fort, Mumbai.

NSPA seeks to reclaim public spaces for the arts encouraging greater interaction between artists and the community, creating vibrant spaces of cultural interaction and energising the very city and its people with greater art consciousness. They work towards securing the livelihoods of independent artists across diverse art forms, thus, enabling them to follow their passion and take their art to new and larger audiences.

Raga Elaborations on Sitar with Tushar Bhatia : A Sitar Masterclass From Alap to Jhala

Lecture and live demonstration by Tushar Bhatia

In collaboration with Swaradhara Events

Sunday, Nov 19, 2017

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

The sitar is the most popular instrument in India. Its origins can be traced back to the thirteenth and eighteenth century. The instrument has occupied space in the mainstream classical music performances since over 100 years and various maestros of different classical music gharanas (styles) have contributed amply to the enrichment of the physical structure and style of the instrument. 'Raag Elaborations on Sitar - A Sitar Masterclass from Alap to Jhala' will trace the journey of this magnificent string instrument, the brief history and origin of sitar, including the basic playing techniques, and live demonstration of the main features of raag elaborations including the alap, jhala, jor and gat.

This lecture demonstration has been conceptualized and presented by Tushar Bhatia. Accompanied by the talented artist Vaibhav Kadam on Tabla.

About the Artist

A gifted sitar player, music composer, writer, producer and presenter, Tushar Bhatia has a wealth of classical training that spans over thirty years. He has a keen interest in all musical forms, including ghazals, folk, as well as Western classical music. Tushar has received extensive training in the Etawah Gharana style under the guidance of Pt. P. B. Devburman & Pt. Arvind Parikh. Tushar’s compositions embody the true heritage of hindustani raag music and his knowledge, technique and inspiring sitar performances have enthralled audiences in India and abroad. Along with successfully managing commercial recordings (film and non-film), he has conceptualized, researched and designed several teaching modules engaging children, young adults and professionals.

Swardhara - An Overview

Swardhara was borne from a desire to make India’s rich heritage of art, music and culture accessible to a modern audience. From concerts in music and dance, to lecture-demonstration, workshops and thematic corporate events, Swardhara’s work traverses a range of genres and seeks to bring the best in traditional art to the contemporary platform. The shows can be structured to suit the specific needs of the occasion, and tailored to the requirements of the patrons.

Venue: Education Centre, Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Byculla (E)
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