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Adult Learners

Once a month, the Museum invites young, talented professionals to lead intensive workshops for adult audiences. Participants benefit from their expertise, experiment with a new art form, develop new skills and leave here inspired!

Adult Learning Workshop

Workshop: Japanese Tie and Dye (Shibori)

MAY 07, 2017    10:30 am - 01:30 pm

This summer learn the art of Japanese tie and dye and create your own unique designs and style! Shibori is the Japanese term for tie-dye techniques that are a part of the various resist-dyeing techniques found in different forms across many cultures.

The process of tie-dye typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating or crumpling a garment and binding with string or rubber bands, followed by application of dyes. Shibori teaches you to see cloth as a 3-dimensional object, and visualize intricate designs that are brought to life with dyes.
Conducted in collaboration with Iteeha

Age Group: Open for all over 6 years of age. Individuals and family groups can register.

Charges: Rs 500 per head inclusive of the materials and Museum entry ticket.

Material: Children will be given tshirts to experiment with dyes and adults will be given fabric pieces.

Registration enquiries: education@bdlmuseum.org

Workshop: Cyanotype Photo Printing

MAY 28, 2017    10:30 am - 01:30 pm

A Cyan-tific Method! Cyanotype Photo printing workshop: Cyanotype is a historical photography printing process which was invented around 1800. The cyanotype was one of the earliest photographic processes which produce permanent images in an elegant assortment of blue values. Briefly, it’s a simple process where one can print their own photographs on a sheet of paper. One can also use this technique of printing on various fabrics. Many use this technique to make photo prints on T-shirts.

Workshop program:

STAGE 1: Understanding the process - cyanotype. Talking about the process, preparing the chemicals and testing the chemical by taking out a sample print is what we will cover in this part. Participants will get an overall idea on how this process works so that in next stage each one can print a copy of cyanotype of their own

STAGE 2: Printing the photo impressions.
In this stage people will prepare the photo paper for printing impressions of objects. where we will analyze the outcome and discuss the problems

STAGE 3: Printing the photographs.
This will be the final stage where an individual will print a final photograph for them to take home with all know-how about the cyanotype process.

About the Artist:
The workshop will be conducted by our guest artist- Siddhartha Kaneria. Siddhartha hails from Rajkot and has a degree in Interior Design. He is the Head of a visual communication design firm If Design Studio Pvt. Ltd. along with two, partners Allen & Irfan. Passionate about photography, he loves to learn and explore historical photography printing processes. Siddhartha has conducted several workshops on cyanotype for institutes and design studios.

Presented in collaboration with Open Bracket Open bracket is an experimental platform for all things creative! We organize and curate custom made workshops that stand firmly in the no man’s land between classroom lectures and professional training, though never shying from mandatory hops of fun. The workshops are conducted by professionals who are invited from an extensive list of artists and creators from all over the country. To know more log on to -http://openbracket.in/

Age Group: Open to all over 15 years of age
Charges: Rs 500 per head, inclusive of all materials and Museum entry charges
Registration enquiries: p.openbracket@gmail.com

Past Workshops


Make Your Own Terrarium!

Participate in this workshop to create a terrarium that you can take back home! Terrariums are unique, mini ecosystems in glass bowls.The workshop will be conducted by a professional gardening expert Anusha Babbar.

This workshop is inspired by the work 'Terrasphere' on display at the Museum as part of an ongoing exhibition titled 'Speculations From The Field' by Rohini Devasher.


Film-Making on the Phone

Short-film and brand maker Rahul Datta of the Starving Artists Films guided the participants on different hacks and techniques for creating short films using just a smartphone.

JULY 2016

What’s your type?

This workshop was presented as part of the outreach for the temporary exhibition ‘EYE ON POLAND: New Graphic Design from Poland’, which showcases contemporary Polish design through posters, books, vinyl and cd covers.

Inspired by this exhibition, the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum hosted a typography workshop conducted by graphic designer and typographer Kruti Saraiya.

MAY 2016

Photomontage Workshop

Drawing on the exhibition ‘Silver Magic Vintage Photographs of the Golden Age of Hindi Cinema’, participants transformed and combined pre-existing, disparate images from Hindi cinema to create a new, imaginary reality. Participants re-created popular scene stills or movie posters from their imagination!

March 2015

Pottery and Clay Modelling

Abbas Galwani, potter, artist and teacher helped enthusiastic participants explore and experiment with a range of wheel and hand building techniques

February 2015

Building Shadow Boxes

Filmmaker, artist and toymaker, Ruchi Bakshi showed participants the tricks to creating their own story in a shadow box

January 2015

Comics and Cartoons

Abhijeet Kini, creator of the popular comics Milk and Quickies and Angry Maushi, held participants enthralled as he guided them through the process of creating their own characters, storylines and artworks!

November 2014

Photo-Walk through Byculla

Travel and adventure photographer Mayank Soni led a photo-walk through the Museum’s immediate neighbourhood of Byculla. Participants explored the heritage precinct’s markets, cafes, bungalows, businesses and religious sites, and, under Mayank’s expert guidance, caught it all on camera!

October 2014

3D Paper Sculpting

Artist and crafter Nibha Sikander revealed how she creates delicate 3D sculptures using only coloured paper and a very sharp cutter.

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